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‘The Silver Reserve’ is the name of the band. The band is a vehicle for the songs of Matthew Sturgess which are written on classical guitar before being taken to the other members to be transformed and take new shapes. Zebedee Budworth has always been there, since the songs were released as Rusty Bear and he generally plays keys now although he can play anything really. Xander Edwards provided extra instrumentation and has produced / mixed all of the songs. Ben Wall popped in to lend a mic a few years ago and has been around ever since adding electric guitar and sonics. Andy Wilder blessed us with his drumming on the recordings but is ably replaced by Sam Foster in the live outfit which also features the playing of Jack Chandler on bass.

‘The Silver Reserve’ have made one album and adhere to a DIY ethic writing, producing and releasing their music entirely independently, including design (with a little help from our friends on photography and this website). They are working on new recordings and since last year they have been presenting their songs live including playing support slots for Charlie Barnes, Jim Moir and Karl Blau.

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The Silver Reserve’s eponymous debut album is a labour of love. A DIY effort recorded during a series of short, intensive recording sessions spread over a three-year period. The album captures both considered songwriting craft and the spontaneous, creative energy of musicians working instinctively in a recording setting. The band eschewed conventional studios to record in barns, outbuildings, bedrooms and garden sheds to create The Silver Reserve’s thirteen tracks, which cover eclectic musical ground: extended prog-folk suites, fuzzed-up garage-rockers, boy-girl duets, metronomic kraut-psych, sparse piano ballads and propulsive indie-rock sit amongst harmony-filled, folk-influenced moments. Despite this diversity, the album has tenderness at its core, the singer-songwriter providing the seed of each track from which each arrangement has grown. Hushed, folk-tinged vocals, tie the album together delivering intimacy even when the music is at its most expansive.

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1 week ago

The Silver Reserve

Huge honour to be a part of this Bradford Boogie album. Read more about the 'Take Back Control' project from curator Matt Bradshaw of Jumbo Records fame:
"Getting together a fundaising digital album of mainly local bands in just a few months was never going to be easy, especially when I didn't honestly know who would be game and what style of music I'd end up with, but like a sonic fisherman, I cast out the net and found an extraordinary varied bounty of musical magic. From Hiphop and Funk thru Folk, Rock, Punk and Electronica, like our community it reflects the differences but also the creative purpose of people just DO'ing things, not just to make their own lives better, but to also make an impression on others and reaching out through their craft. While half the money on this £5 or pay as you feel album will go towards funding everything from the venue hire to paying travel expenses or covering the cost of some free tickets for those that can't afford it, half will go to the musical charity YOUTH MUSIC who offer grants and funding all over the country that enable disadvantaged young people to participate in all kinds of musical projects. Just like putting on the event itself we decided to organise locally and just throw things out there to other like-minds, and maybe we'll raise a little, maybe we'll raise a lot but it's all about just DOING it ourselves instead of waiting for other people to do it for us...Let's TAKE BACK CONTROL of our lives and see what we can create when we get together and put our minds to it....

The BANDCAMP album BRADFORD BOOGIE so far contains 24 brilliant songs from local artists, or some with a musical affinity to Bradford and West Yorkshire (even a few that heard about what we were trying to achieve and just wanted to show solidarity)...Please spread the word far and wide and enjoy some dreams achieved by people who decided to put themselves out there, and who generously donated their tracks and time to make OUR dream possible.... and remember the words of the mighty Jimmy Cliff... 'YOU CAN GET IT IF YOU REALLY WANT!'

I give you The BRADFORD BOOGIE... bradfordboogie.bandcamp.com/album/take-back-control TAKE BACK CONTROL BRADFORD will be a day and evening of discussion about how we can get together and do something positive in our communites, how WE can take back real control of our lives...It will include art, film, politics, workshops and of course...Music for more details and tickets then follow the link takebackrealcontrol.com/bradford/

Take Back Control Bradford will take place on the 6th of May at the
Kala Sangam
St Peters House
1 Forster Square,
Bradford BD1 4TY"


25 track album
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2 weeks ago

The Silver Reserve

Album swapping the other night with Rose Elinor Dougall - hope you dig our record. We're really loving yours! ... See MoreSee Less

Album swapping the other night with Rose Elinor Dougall - hope you dig our record. Were really loving yours!